Trigger converter

Trigger converter

Compact converter for optical and electrical impulses

  • Optical – electrical conversion
  • Electrical – optical conversion
  • Automatic activation and deactivation
  • Battery-powered
  • 150 g lightweight


The Trigger Converter TWE in compact design serves as an electrical to optical converter of external impulses and as an optical to electrical converter of pre-trigger pulses. The device is battery-powered and is switched on automatically by incoming pulses and off in periods of in-operation.


External Trigger Input 2‑5 V (50 Ω)
Pulse width 300 ps
Optical output 50 µW (665 nm) with continuous wave
Pulse width 4 µs
Repetition Rate ≤ 200 Hz
Delay, typ. 30 ns
Pre-optical Input ≤ 1 µW (665 nm) with continuous wave
Pulse width ≤ 200 ps
Electrical output ≤ 3.5 V (50 Ω)
Pulse width 1 µs
Repetition rate ≤ 200 Hz
Delay, typ. 25 ns
Weight 150 g
LWL connections 1,5 m / HP-connector
Electrical connections BNC/B (50 MΩ)
Battery Alkaline F22 (9 V)
Lifetime battery ≤ 6 months
Operating temperature +15…+65 °C


Subject to technical changes without notice


  • Suitable for all nitrogen and dye lasers of LTB Lasertechnik Berlin
  • For the conversion of electrical into optical pulses
  • For the conversion of optical into electrical pulses