UDL SHG dye laser

Pulsed dye laser for manual UV-VIS-NIR tuning with frequency doubler SHG

  • Compact – rugged – efficient
  • Manual tuning  225 nm – 950 nm
  • Can be pumped by different laser types
  • Low cost


The UDL dye lasers are small and compact. They are characterized by a transversal pump geometry and depending on the model by different spectral bandwidths. Due to their modular design and their small size, they can optimally be adapted to the specific measuring process. Different wavelengths are generated with the UDL 100 by a simple exchange of the dye cells. The wavelength is adjusted by a micrometer screw.

The SHG frequency doubling units are modules for doubling the dye laser radiation. One SHG module is available that covers the wavelength range from 225-400 nm. The phase matching of the BBO crystal is realized via a micrometer screw. The manually tunable UDL and SHG modules are optimized for being pumped by the MNL nitrogen lasers. Here the dye lasers do not require a cooling or dye circulation systems. But excimer or Nd:YAG lasers with pulse energies of up to 1 mJ can also be used as pump lasers.

In combination with the nitrogen lasers of the MNL model series, laser systems are provided continuously tunable over a wide tuning range and easily to be operated. Together with the MNL 100 nitrogen laser a particularly small, compact and cost-efficient tunable system is at your disposal.


UDL series UDL 100 UDL 200
Dye cell mm 10 10
Resonator configuration mirror / mirror mirror / grating in Littrow configuration
Tuning range nm 400 – 950
fixed wavelengths
400 – 950
continuously tunable
Pump laser wavelength nm 337 / 308 / 355 337 / 308 / 355
Spectral bandwidth nm 5 – 8 ≤ 2
Conversion efficiency, typ. % 30 20
Max. repetition rate Hz 50 50
Beam dimensions Ø mm 1.5 1.5
Beam divergence (v x h) mrad 1 x 2 1 x 2
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Dimensions mm 115 x 250 x 170 115 x 250 x 170
Weight kg 1.5 1.5
SHG 1 UDL 100 UDL 200
Tuning range nm 225 – 400 225 – 400
Conversion efficiency, typ. % 6 1 6 1


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  • LIF spectroscopy
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Analytics in biotechnology and medicine


Dye cells

Dye cells
Dye cells for nitrogen or other UV laser pumped dye lasers


Multimode quarz fibers for laser & spectrometer coupling