ARYELLE 150 – portable high-resolution echelle spectrometer

On the basis of an optical design proposed by the ISAS (Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften e.V.) for the Gentner-Mars-Mission of the ESA, LTB Lasertechnik Berlin has developed the compact ARYELLE 150 echelle spectrometer for commercial use.

ARYELLE 150 spectrometer
The spectrometer, which is only about 200 mm in size, can resolve spectral lines separated only few picometers from each other within the broad wavelength range of 200-950 nm. The spectroscopic properties of the device can be configured according to the specific customer requirements. The excellent image quality of the ARYELLE 150 results in addition to the high spectral resolution also in excellent light scattering properties. With a focal length of 150 mm and an aperture ratio of f/7, the spectra can be detected by a rapid EMCCD camera with high sensitivity.

Application fields of the ARYELLE 150 are the elemental and material analysis in particular by means of laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIBS) or Raman spectroscopy. Its rugged setup makes it ideal for the industrial process control and portable analysis systems.