ARYELLE 150 spectrometer on ESA-NASA mission

LTB’s smallest high-resolution echelle spectrometer ARYELLE 150 will be on board of NASA DC-8 Airborne Laboratory flight scheduled for 02/27/2015. The international researchers participating in the mission pursue the objective to monitor the shallow reentry of ESA’s 5th and final Automated Transfer Vehicle ATV-5 “Georges Lemaître” over the South Pacific Ocean to better understand the End Of Life scenario for the International Space Station (ISS) deorbit and the physics of shallow uncontrolled reentries.

The ARYELLE 150 spectrometer is a fundamental component of the SLIT/FIPS measuring instruments operated by Dr. Stefan Loehle and Thomas Marynowski from the research group “Diagnostics of High Enthalpy Flows” – Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). The scientists use the ARYELLE 150 for spectral analysis of UV-emissions (SLIT) and doppler broadening of aluminum emissions while observing the shallow reentry of ATV-5.

The project website provides detailed information about current developments and schedules for the airborne mission on 2/27/2015: