New Israeli distributor: Militram Industries, Ltd.

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin is pleased to announce the appointment of Militram Industries, Ltd. as its exclusive distributor in Israel, which will be responsible for marketing and sales of LTB’s products.

Militram has more than 30 years of experience in diverse technological fields such optics, lasers, electro optics, materials, computing and offers a wide range of solutions crossing different types of expertise and services. It will provide consulting, support for installation and training as well as warranty and post-warranty service for LTB’s range of pulsed nitrogen and dye lasers, high-resolution spectrometers and laser-based analyzers for LIBS, LIBS-Raman and LIF.

Militram Industries (1993), Ltd.

87 Karav Kook St. Herzliya
P.O.B 13324
Tel-Aviv 61132

Sol Kounio
Phone: +972 9 9581860
Mobile: +972 54 7709995