Aryelle spectrometer meets OSIRIS-REx

LTB is thrilled and even a bit proud that our Aryelle spectrometer has taken part in an observation mission related to the OSIRIS-REx. The NASA led “Hypervelocity OSIRIS-REx Reentry Imaging & Spectroscopy (HORIS)” project in cooperation with the JAXA, University of Stuttgart, University of Southern Queensland and University of Queensland, observed the capsule, which contains material of the asteroid Bennu during the re-entry in the earth atmosphere.
Our echelle spectrometer Aryelle is used since several years by the High Enthalpy Flow Diagnostics Group (HEFDiG). The research group led by Dr. Ing Stefan Löhle, is part of the Institute of Space Systems at University Stuttgart. Our spectrometer was already used in a few re-entry missions as well as in the plasma wind tunnel of the institute to characterize and collect information during the entry of objects into the atmosphere.
At this time the team equipped a Gulfstream jet at the NASA Langley research center with a batch of different instruments to observe the arrival of the OSIRIS-Rex sample arrival in Utah. We are delighted to know that the measurements have been successfully taken and excited to see the coming results.

Further Information about the HEFDiG group: High Enthalpy Flow Diagnostics Group (HEFDiG)

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Aryelle meets OSIRIS-REx mission