PAnalyzer analyzer

Fast multi-elemental mapping of large-area panels with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

  • Inline / at-line analyzer with laser class 1 housing
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Non-contact, almost non-destructive
  • Measurement duration < 1 s/point
  • 24/7 operational mode possible


The PAnalyzer (Panel Analyzer) has especially been developed for the fast and contact-free quality control of large-area samples in industrial production lines. Spatially resolved analysis of the lateral element homogeneity is provided by means of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) applied to a motorized XY measuring head.

Short pulse laser radiation is focused on the sample surface and generates a light emitting plasma. The chemical elements contained in the material provide a characteristic emission line spectrum similar to a fingerprint, which is simultaneously detected with a single measurement by the applied high-resolution ARYELLE echelle spectrometer. Multi-elemental evaluation is automatically performed by operating and analysis software Sophi. By adding a Raman module, the molecular composition of samples can be determined.

The PAnalyzer provides a 24/7 operational mode for industrial use, laser class 1 housing, door interlock and online video monitoring. Several modular components like laser, spectrometer-detector unit and sample holder are individually customized for the designated application. The industrial PC with software Sophi features an easy to use script-based automation, remote control and remote maintenance. Ethernet is the major interface for a proper communication with existing industrial devices.


Measuring method laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis
non-contact measurement
no sample preparation necessary
almost non-destructive
Measurement duration 1 < 1 s/measurement point
Limit of detection (LOD) 2 < 10 ppm
Sample 3 (1,200 x 1,600 x 4) mm
max. 10 kg
Features spatially resolved measurement
inline / at-line analysis
Control Industrial PC
Communication Ethernet
Software operating system Microsoft Windows
Sophi – operating and analysis software
remote control
script editor for automation of measurements and analysis
qualitative and quantitative spectrum analysis
Spectrometer 3 ARYELLE series
wavelength range adapted to application
Detector 3 CCD / EMCCD / ICCD
Laser 3 Nd:YAG laser
wavelength: λ = 1,064 nm / 532 nm / 355 nm / 266 nm
energy and repetition rate adapted to application
lifetime pump diode: > 1 billion shots
XY stage 3 motorised linear axes
positioning accuracy: ± 1 mm
repeatability: 100 µm
step precision: ≤ 100 µm
velocity: 60 mm / s
Safey laser class 1 housing
door interlock
safety light curtain
signal tower lamp
video monitoring
Dimensions (L x W x H) (2,200 x 1,350 x 2,340) mm
Weight 700 kg
Power consumption, typ. 2 kW
Operating conditions temperature: + 10 °C…+ 35 °C
relative humidity: 80 % non-condensing


1 Depends on applied hardware and application
2 Depends on element and matrix
3 Customization

Subject to technical changes without notice


  • Inline / at-line quality control in industrial production
  • Solar PV module analysis of performance relevant elements (i. a. Cu, Fe, Na, Zn) in the ppm range
  • Characterization of impurities in large-area glass panels
  • Measurement of metallurgical and ceramical products
  • For R&D applications