Sophi software

Easy to use operating software for spectrometer series ARYELLE, DEMON and ELIAS.

  • Qualitative, quantitative spectral analysis
  • LIBS, Raman, Custom experiments (depends on model)
  • Automatic spectrometer calibration
  • Scripting language integrated
  • LabVIEW library optional


Sophi is an extensively equipped and easy to use 64 bit software for the spectrometer series ARYELLE, DEMON and ELIAS that is included in the scope of delivery of each spectrometer. It provides fully control and online monitoring of spectrometer and detector settings and connected hardware components like laser and motorized translation stages via scripting language.

The Auto Image Alignment for automated calibration of the spectrometer can be performed via graphic user interface that includes several preset. The implemented scripting language provides automated measurement routines and the option to use mathematical algorithms e.g. multivariate statistics for customized analysis. Key component for the elemental analysis with Sophi is the integrated atomic spectra database from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). All lines of the detected echelle spectrum are automatically transformed into wavelength-dependent intensity values and qualitatively assigned to the corresponding elements. Several spectra can be plotted at once for accurate comparison. Quantitative analysis is based on calibration with reference materials. Sophi provides data export in various formats.