LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH becomes family enterprise

Generation change in high-tech company in Berlin-Adlershof

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH, one of the globally leading manufacturers of UV gas lasers and high-resolution spectrometers, located in the Science and Technology Park Berlin Adlershof, has been transformed into a family business by the purchase of shares becoming available. The financial transaction has actively been supported by the Commerzbank. With immediate effect, the up to now solely acting managing director Dr. Matthias Scholz – in future responsible for the strategic development – and his son Christian Scholz – in future responsible for operations management – will form the dual management of the company. They hold a share of 50 % each.

Dr. Matthias Scholz, born in 1947, was physicist in the former Academy of Sciences of the GDR, here amongst others head of the laser technology division in the Zentrum für wissenschaflichen Gerätebau (Center for Scientific Equipment Engineering). In 1990 he initiated the establishment of LTB Lasertechnik Berlin and has contributed significantly to its story of success so far. Christian Scholz, born in 1971, has been working in the company for 14 years and has managed the spectroscopy department in recent years. Before he studied physical engineering.

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin develops, manufactures and markets short-pulse lasers covering the total optical spectral range for industrial analytics and medical diagnostics; various high- and highest-resolution spectrometers for the development and production of lasers and for the laser lithography as well as laser-based measuring systems for the spectroscopic material analysis, process control and medical diagnostics. The company strongly contributes to the global state of technology of UV short-pulse lasers as well as of high- and highest-resolution spectrometers.