LIBS control unit

Besides our portfolio of standard components LTB is providing a wide range of OEM-LIBS components. Based on the long-term experience customized components for LIBS applications are available.

  • Adaption of standard solutions to customer’s demand
  • Thermal stabilization
  • Integration into existing processes
  • Pre-calibration or calibration tool for certain applications
  • Increased robustness for harsh environment
  • Customized setups

LIBS measuring head CMH-66

The compact and robust LIBS measuring head CMH-66 combines laser head, transmitting/receiving optics, sample observation and energy monitoring in one compact housing. Compressed air purged through a funnel at the measuring head exit protects the entrance window from contamination and helps to reduce particles in the beam path. The emitting telescope is coaxial to the receiving telescope and focuses the radiation through the pierced main mirror of the receiving optics and images the plasma onto a fibre connected to the spectrometer. The working distance to the sensing head is 66 mm. The spot diameter on the sample is approx. 70 µm. To minimize losses and reflections in the optical path, all lenses are AR-coated. The use of broadband coated mirror optics has the advantage of not generating chromatic errors.

compact measuring head CMH-66

19" rack spectrometer

Spectrometer integrated in industrial 19 inch rack

The Aryelle 200 together with its detector and cooling units are integrated in an industrial 19” rack for an easier assembling into an industrial system. Additionally, the optional LIBS Control and the thermal controller are arranged in the rack as well. For comfortable handling, all connectors for spectrometer and thermalization are accessible from the outside and can be easily connected and disconnected.

LIBS supply unit

The LIBS supply unit consists of a 19″ rack supply cabinet with integrated plug-in modules for the individual supply components of the analysis system, including temperature-stabilized spectrometer and computer system.
The included electronic box LIBSControl controls the temporal interaction between software, laser system and spectrometer. It contains a mercury lamp which is used for automated calibration of the spectrometer. Fans installed in the supply cabinet ensure a sufficient ventilation of the supply unit.
The LIBS supply unit can be equipped with different spectrometer systems. Further components of a customer system can also be integrated. In combination with the CMH-66, a flexible, industrial LIBS system is created which can be used in a wide range of applications.

LIBS supply unit