Data sheet

LIMES analyzer

Highly sensitive LIF analyzer for biotechnical & medical applications

  • High measuring velocity
  • Simultaneous  spectral  and time  information
  • Contactless at high spatial resolution and  smallest sample volumes
  • Highly sensitive
  • Non-destructive


The LIMES (Laser-Induced Multi Emission Spectrometer) is a highly sensitive analyzer for biotechnological and medical applications. Since organic molecules are concerned here, the laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (LIF) is the simplest and most sensitive detection method. LIMES combines the advantages of laser technology and highly sensitive detection electronics in a compact analyzer. The following components are incorporated in a compact set-up that is integrated in a portable under-table housing:

  • laser system (nitrogen laser MNL 100 and Automated Tuning Module ATM)
  • spectrometer/detector unit
  • beam guidance via fibers
  • customized sample handling
  • PC with operating and analysis software Sophi for LIMES

The software Sophi for LIMES provides easy operation via Windows based graphic unit interface. System integrations and integration into customer‘s software can be realized by an DLL interface. For evaluation, various analytical methods are implemented:

  • spectral fluorescence analysis
  • time-resolved fluorescence analysis, measurement of decay time constants
  • parallel analyses of time and spectral behaviour of fluorescence
  • spatial intensity distribution of a fluorescence as a function of F(x,y); T(x, y) (optional motorized x-y-table)
  • spatial decay time distribution of a fluorescence

The LIMES provides the detection of 10-9 mol naphthalene in one nanoliter water.


Measuring method laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (LIF)
Excitation source nitrogen laser MNL 100 1 337.1 nm
Automated Tuning Module ATM 225 nm – 900 nm
spectral bandwidth 2 nm
pulse duration 3 ns
Beam guidance quartz fibers in variable lengths as cross section converter
Detection system 2 intensified camera system (ICCD)
image intensifier with adjustable gate and delay
fiber coupling SMA input
wavelength range 235 – 900 nm
focal distance 140 mm
aperture f/2
time gate width 3 ns – 1 ms
delay 1 ns – 1 ms
A-D converter 16 bit
Software Sophi for LIMES
Dimensions (L x W x H) (560 x 700 x 650) mm


1 various models available
2 various detectors available

Subject to technical changes without notice


Data sheet