Benchtop sample chamber for spatially resolved, qualitative and quantitative LIBS analysis

  • For solid, liquid and gaseous samples
  • Motorized XYZ stage for sample mapping
  • Laser class 1 housing with Interlock
  • Built-in LIBS laser head optional
  • Combinable with spectrometer series ARYELLE and DEMON


The LIBSpector (LIBS inspector) is a versatile and compact sample chamber for the spatially resolved analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous materials by means of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). In combination with a high-resolution, optical fiber coupled echelle spectrometer from the ARYELLE and DEMON series and a suitable LIBS laser for plasma ignition the LIBSpector is part of the modular LIBS analyzer LIBSlab.

It features online video monitoring and a motorized XYZ stage for qualitative and quantitative sample mapping which is controlled by the supplied joystick. The LIBS laser head can be built in the sealed laser class 1 housing with laser protection window for observation, door interlock and exhaust flange provide a safe use. No additional laser safety precautions are therefore required at installation site. The optimized optical setup of the model µ-LIBSpector provides a highly reduced laser spot size on the sample surface. Several sample holders for solid, liquid and gaseous substances provide universal application capability and can be adapted to individual customer requirements.


Model LIBSpector µ-LIBSpector
Optical setup optimized for 1,064 nm LIBS laser optimized for 266 nm LIBS laser
Wavelength (laser) 1 1,064 nm 266 nm
Type (laser) 1 Nd:YAG Nd:YAG
Energy (laser) 1 ≥50 mJ 10 mJ
Repetition rate (laser) 1 20 Hz 20 Hz
Laser spot diameter 1,2 300 µm 50 µm
Laser head integration optional optional


1 Other specifications possible
2 On sample surface in focus of the applied LIBS laser

Subject to technical changes without notice


XYZ stage travel range: X=155 mm, Y=95 mm, Z=50 mm
resolution 1: 5 µm
repeatability 1: ± 10 µm
velocity: (vX=25, vY=25, vZ=5) mm/s
Pilot laser wavelength: 635 nm
power: 1 mW
Video monitoring CMOS, max. 2,560 x 1,920 (5 megapixels)
Lightning yes
XYZ joystick yes, with preset buttons
Laser class 1 (only with built-in LIBS laser head)
Laser protection window yes
Door interlock yes
Sample holder solid, liquid, gaseous samples (optional)
Sample weight max. 5 kg incl. sample holder
Dimensions (L x W x H) (630 x 465 x 735) mm
Weight 50 kg
Electric supply 24 V DC
Ports Interlock: BNC
Measurement signal output: SMA
Gas input: 6 mm push-to-connect tube fitting
Gas output: 6 mm push-to-connect tube fitting
Exhaust flange: 38 mm tube diameter
Operating conditions Temperature: + 10 °C…+ 40 °C
relative humidity: 80 % non-condensing


1 Each axis

Subject to technical changes


  • Benchtop sample chamber
  • Modular component of LIBS analyzer LIBSlab
  • Qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis
  • Quality control in test laboratories
  • Gemstone analysis
  • For scientific and industrial applications



Multimode quarz fibers for laser & spectrometer coupling