• DEMON spectrometer
  • SUPER DEMON spectrometer

High spectral resolution Double Echelle Monochromator series in Littrow configuration for the measurement of emission and absorption lines from the UV up to the NIR range.

  • High absolute wavelength accuracy
  • High spectral resolution (60,000-200,000)
  • High optical throughput
  • Suitable with various detectors (CCD, ICCD, InGaAs)
  • Motorized optomechanics


The DEMON is a spectral high-resolution Double Echelle MONochromator. It consists of an optomechanically motorized and thermally robust echelle spectrometer in sequence with a prism monochromator that is used for the selection of the inspection range. The patented optical design of prism and echelle grating is arranged in Littrow configuration and benefits from the high image quality of the applied parabolic mirror optics. The width of the prism monochromator exit slit, which serves also as entrance slit of the echelle spectrometer, is adjustable. An active wavelength stabilization is provided by using the internal calibration lamp for highest absolute wavelength accuracy without the necessity of extensive temperature stabilization.
DEMON optical setup

By applying reflection optics with broadband UV layers and a CaF2 prism, chromatic aberrations are avoided and thus a large wavelength range from the UV to the NIR is provided. The light coupling into the DEMON spectrometer is realized via SMA fiber or reflection transfer optics. Various CCD, ICCD and InGaAs cameras are suitable for the designed detection area.

The supplied operating software Sophi with optional LabVIEW library for complete remote control of the DEMON allows fully access of all spectrometer-detector functions via graphic user interface and provides automated measurement routines with an integrated scripting language. All measured spectra are automatically plotted for comprehensive analysis that can easily be performed with Sophi.


Optical design echelle spectrometer with pre-monochromator and
active wavelength stabilization in Littrow-configuration
Aperture f/10  f/20
Slit width adjustable
Wavelength range 190-900 nm (more on request) 600-1,700 nm 200-750 nm
Spectral resolving power λ/min measurable FWHM 75,000 (150,000 possible) 60,000 200,000
Spectral resolution 2.5-12 pm 10-28 pm 1-3.75 pm
Absolute accuracy spectral resolution / 4 pixel dispersion x 10 pixel spectral resolution / 4
Simultaneous inspection range 1-5 nm 4.5-13.5 nm 0.25-1 nm
Linear dispersion* λ / 225,000 λ / 180,000 λ / 600,000
Detector CCD or ICCD InGaAs CCD or ICCD
Exposure time, min. 1 ms with CCD; 1 ms with InGaAs; 5 ns with ICCD
Dynamic range 16 bit
Light coupling UV fiber down to 190 nm or mirror optics down to 175 nm
Wavelength calibration with calibration lamp
Control automatic control of the motors and the calibration lamps via PC
Software Sophi, LabVIEW library optional
Dimensions without detector (L x W x H) (600 x 310 x 230) mm (1215 x 512 x 300) mm
Weight without detector 25 kg 75 kg
Features integrated mechanical shutter and motorized slit


* Values apply for a CCD with 1,024 pixels and a pixel size of 13.5 µm
Other spectral resolutions and wavelength ranges on request
Subject to technical changes without notice


DEMON Hg spectrumDEMON spectrum Hg lamp @ 253 nm
DEMON 193 nm slit spectrumDEMON laser spectrum @ 193 nm
DEMON 532 nm slit spectrumDEMON laser spectrum @ 532 nm
DEMON HeNe slit spectrumDEMON HeNe laser spectrum @ 632 nm
Super DEMON Hg spectrumSuper DEMON spectrum Hg lamp @ 253 nm
Super DEMON 265 nm slit spectrumSuper DEMON laser spectrum @ 265 nm
Super DEMON 632 nm slit spectrumSuper DEMON HeNe laser spectrum @ 632 nm




Benchtop sample chamber for spatially resolved LIBS analysis


Multimode quarz fibers for laser & spectrometer coupling